Liquid thermoplastic processes like thermoset

Finally, Huntsman will feature tri-functional, TGHPM-type epoxy resin called Tactix 742, which reportedly provides higher glass transition temperature resistance than any other epoxy resin with which it’s fully patible. It can also be processed into prepreg formulations for high-temperature applications. Arkema King of Prussia, Pa., USA reported on March 3 that it is launching at JEC Europe 2014 March 11-13 a new range of liquid acrylic thermoplastic resins under the brand Elium, which is transformed using the same processes as posite thermosets, but results in parts with thermoplastic polymer chains. Elium resins are said to polymerize quickly and can be used to design structural parts as well as aesthetic elements in automotive, transportation, wind power, sports and building and construction applications.

Arkema told CW that Elium acrylic resins are engineered for reactive closed-mold processes, including resin transfer molding RTM, infusion and Flex-Molding. Further, they require activation with peroxide; Arkema r mends its Luperox Initiators, but pecific r mendations are provided based on manufacturing process chosen. Although traditional thermoplastic manufacturing processes like injection molding and extrusion are not designed to use Elium in its virgin liquid form, Arkema says these process methods will be used in the the reprocessing of recycled and reclaimed material.

Elium resins are available in a range of viscosities. The range of Brookfield viscosity is between 100 and 500 cps at 25°C/77°F and 50 rpm. Reactivity varies as well, depending on the grade chosen. Some grades have been optimized for elevated temperature curing in a matter of minutes,Sugarcane jerry can secures sweet award while others cure at room temperature with part cycle times ranging from 20 minutes to a few hours depending on part size and process.Because of its thermoplastic properties, Elium can be used to manufacture posite parts that are easily thermoformed and recyclable with parable mechanical performance to epoxy parts. Parts made from Elium reportedly can be assembled by welding and/or gluing, especially with adhesives from Arkema’s subsidiary, AEC Polymers

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