The ADVALITE VINYL HYBRIDS provided optimal performance


The MTM23 had been adapted and mechanically characterized for high volume press mould processing, with good mechanical performance, controlled flow, excellent handling and self-release capability. Cytec and Reichhold worked collaboratively through the prototype and production implementation phases of the Spark battery tray and we continue to develop further enhancements to the vinyl hybrid technology in conjunction with Reichhold.” The ADVALITE VINYL HYBRIDS provided optimal performance and productivity not available in petitive materials.

Prepregs produced using the ADVALITE technology can either be adhesive filmed or directed coated to the reinforcements. The free radical cure mechanism allows for extended room temperature storage while delivering snap cures at elevated temperatures. When pared to epoxy resins ADVALITE’s rapid rate of cure permits significantly reduced production cycle times. Additionally, in automotive headspace testing the cured laminate was demonstrated to be VOC-free. Reichhold’s long history of innovation continues with the introduction of a revolutionary technology based on its proprietary vinyl hybrid resin chemistry for advanced posite applications. The ADVALITE VINYL HYBRIDS hot melt prepreg resins are monomer free and testing confirms VOC-free in the cured state.”Novel Vinyl Hybrid resin technology meet demanding performance and environmental requirements in Automotive”

The ADVALITE VINYL HYBRIDS hot melt prepreg resins exhibit excellent mechanical properties and temperature resistance up to 170 C. These resins are cured using standard free radical inhibitors and initiators. This allows significant processing advantages when pared to epoxy resins. Prepreg posites produced using ADVALITE hot melt prepreg resin can be stored at room temperature for 12 months and can be snap cured at 120 – 150 C.The first mercial application of the ADVALITE was in prepreg supplied by Cytec Industries for application in the electric vehicle-battery enclosure on the 2014 General Motors Co. Chevrolet Spark EV. According to Nigel Blatherwick, Global Strategic Marketing Director Cytec, Industrial Materials; “The ADVALITE resin served as the base resin for Cytec’s high volume MTM23 prepreg that is used on the Spark.

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