RES’ Success with Protective Terrace Plantings

Resource Environmental Solutions and its wholly-owned Ecological Restoration Solutions team have demonstrated once again how focused growing and planting operations yield successful coastal restoration activities. During the Spring of 2013, the Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District contracted with RES’ ERS Nursery at Pointe Aux Chenes to grow, deliver and plant native coastal marsh grass species along offshore terraces that protect constructed levees in Terrebonne Parish. Levees are a key component of Louisiana’s battle against nature to ensure hurricane and storm surge protection for its citizens. These plants protect against waterborne erosion events that can destabilize expensive levee systems. The results speak for themselves. Less than six months later, these plants have taken root and propagated naturally to provide the desired stability to each terrace.

Greg Gautreaux, Operations Manager at the Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District, said, “We are pleasantly surprised and delighted at the growth and maturity of these marsh grasses after only six months in the ground. These terraces protect large levee investments that reduce the threat of flooding from all kinds of natural events including hurricanes and storm-related surges.”RES’ in-house teams plant, Opec says crude market well supplied, monitor and manage over 22,000 acres of restored and protected wetland and stream ecosystems throughout the United States. The ERS Nursery grows and supplies native plant species for restoration projects along the Gulf Coast.

Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC develops and supplies ecological offsets for unavoidable project-related impacts to wetlands, streams and habitats. RES efforts help to maintain the balance of economic development and environmental stewardship.

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