Mitsubishi Prepares Second-Gen EV Pikes Peak Racers

Mitsubishi is returning to Colorado’s Pikes Peak this year, armed with two more all-electric racecars: the duo, named the MiEV Evolution II, will compete in this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The last time Mitsubishi took to the world-famous race, it brought the MiEV Evolution, which looked a bit like an i-MiEV with the world’s largest aerodynamic kit. This year, however, the visual cues from the egg-like production car are gone; if anything, the racer’s gaping front air dam and vertical headlights ape a Le Mans prototype racer.

The comparisons between electric Mitsubishis and LMP wondercars end there, however, because the car you see above is an all-electric, purpose built hill-climb vehicle. The Evolution II begins where the Evolution left off last year: it retains the four-wheel, four-electric-motor setup of its predecessor, as well as the tube chassis. Forget last year’s peak power output of 322 horsepower, however: this year, the four motors will make a combined 100 kilowatts, or a healthy 536 horsepower. The battery pack’s maximum capacity is 50 kWh.

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